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As a leading private label manufacturer in the construction industry, we offer a wide range of products that help ensure effective building insulation and sealing. Our innovative solutions ensure optimum protection against the effects of the weather, moisture and energy loss.

Our roof membranes set standards in terms of durability and functionality. They are specially designed to meet the requirements of different roof structures and ensure reliable waterproofing.

With our facade membranes, we offer effective protection and design options for building envelopes. They are characterized by their high durability, resistance to UV radiation and longevity.

Our high-quality vapor barriers ensure that no unwanted moisture can penetrate the walls or ceilings, while at the same time ensuring optimal moisture exchange.

Our range also includes a variety of adhesive tapes designed for various applications in the construction industry. These adhesive tapes are used to optimally connect components and ensure secure and permanent attachment.

Private Label

As a private label manufacturer, we specialize in offering private label solutions so that you can place your brand on the web or roll core, carrier and packaging of the adhesive tape. Thanks to our advanced technology and quality control systems, you can trust your products to deliver exceptional performance and lasting protection.

Let us help you bring your brand to life with our customized solutions.

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Our high-quality products are manufactured in two modern production sites. Our high-quality adhesive tapes are produced in Rüthi, Switzerland, while our roof membranes, facade membranes and vapor barriers are manufactured at the location in Heinsdorfergrund, Germany.

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Experience first-class construction products and tailor-made assembly solutions at SWISSCHEM AG! Our extensive range of high-quality products is complemented by professional services such as laminating, rewinding, roll cutting and cross-winding.


Rewinding and roll cutting


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Cross winding

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What challenges are you currently facing? How can we help make your presence stand out in a positive way? Our products not only offer first-class protection, but also offer the opportunity to strengthen your identity.

Together we can give emphasis to your vision. Get in touch today and take the first step towards a successful partnership!

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