Our high-quality roof membranes are the optimal choice for companies looking for reliable products to expand their offerings and provide their customers with first-class protection. At SWISSCHEM we understand the needs of companies that offer high-quality building materials and offer products that can be seamlessly integrated into your range.

Our roof membranes create an insurmountable barrier to air and wind, ensuring that the building materials you sell provide the highest level of protection from the elements. They were developed using the latest technology and guarantee not only first-class weather protection, but also impressive durability. These products offer your customers long-term security and minimize the risk of complaints or returns.

Ease of installation is crucial and our roof membranes easily meet this requirement. Their efficient handling allows your customers to save time and resources while receiving high-quality products.

By investing in SWISSCHEM roofing membranes, you offer your customers proven quality and protection for their projects. We are your trusted partner for reliable roofing solutions that enhance your reputation and promote your business growth.

With our products, your customers can approach their construction projects with confidence and quality, making your partnership even more valuable

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Diffusible. Versatile. Rainproof.

Weldable. Waterproof. Versatile.

UV-resistant. Temperature resistant. Nail tight.

Durable. Temperature resistant. Nail tight.

Microporous. Temperature resistant. Versatile.

Microporous. Driving rainproof. Reliable.

Microporous. Climate resistant. Flexible.

Microporous. Sure-footed. Can be used variably.