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High-quality adhesive tape assembly

Our advanced techniques and expertise are designed to provide you with a tailored solution. From precise rewinding to efficient rewinding and laminating, our services are designed to meet your needs and help you achieve outstanding results. Find out how our finishing technologies can create added value for your projects.

High-quality connection solutions


Discover first-class lamination of adhesive tapes with SWISSCHEM AG. Our expertise in connection technology makes it possible to combine different materials perfectly. Rely on precise workmanship and long-lasting adhesion for your individual requirements.

Precise rewinding and roll cutting

Rewinding and roll cutting

Experience tailor-made precision when rewinding adhesive tapes. Our state-of-the-art technology enables precise, individual cuts and smooth rewinding that are perfectly tailored to your requirements. Regardless of the specific needs of your application, you can rely on SWISSCHEM AG to carry out roll cutting to the highest perfection in order to offer you an optimal solution.

Efficient rewinding of adhesive tapes


Optimize your processes with the efficient rewinding of adhesive tapes by SWISSCHEM AG. Our specialized technology allows for smooth rolling for a seamless application. Rely on us to improve your processes and save time.

Custom roll cut

Roll cut

SWISSCHEM AG offers individual roll cutting for adhesive tapes that meets your exact requirements. Our precise cutting technology ensures consistent roll dimensions and thus simplifies your processing processes. Trust in our experience for optimal results.

Reliable cross winding solutions

Cross winding

Discover reliable cross winding solutions from SWISSCHEM AG. We offer innovative approaches to tape spooling that increase your productivity. Rely on our technology to ensure smooth material feeding in your manufacturing processes.

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