SWISSCHEM vapor barriers are the ideal choice for companies looking for high quality construction products to expand their product lines. Our vapor barriers feature an innovative design that utilizes advanced technology to take protection against air and moisture infiltration to a new level.

Our vapor barriers are made of heavy-duty, non-porous material that is extremely tear and puncture resistant. This ensures a reliable and lasting seal. The special coating of the material gives our vapor barriers exceptional strength and longevity.

Another advantage of our vapor barriers is their ability to safely evacuate air while effectively keeping out water vapor, dust and other particles. This helps increase the quality of your clients’ construction projects and ensures they meet the highest standards.

SWISSCHEM vapor barriers are a synonym for top quality and reliability. Our vapor barriers not only ensure a secure and extremely effective seal, but also set standards in terms of longevity and performance.

Our products are not just materials, but rather comprehensive solutions that fully meet the high requirements of modern construction projects. With SWISSCHEM vapor barriers, you are relying on a reliable partner who offers you high-quality solutions for the individual needs of your customer projects – today and in the future.

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Airtight. Versatile. Protective.

Easy to install. Protective. Inner space.

Airtight. Robust. Efficient.

Variable sd value. Easy to install. Protective.

Aluminum protection. Extreme sd value. Robust.

Self-adhesive. High sd value. Stable.