SWISSTAPE adhesive tapes are your ultimate partner for high-quality adhesive solutions in construction and especially when sealing building envelopes. Our product range has been developed to meet the highest standards of quality, durability and efficiency. Our customers who work in the construction industry appreciate the versatile application and reliable hold of our adhesive tapes.

In our extensive range you will find a wide range of adhesive tapes tailored to the specific requirements of the construction industry. Our film adhesive tapes offer a first-class option for sealing roofs and facades, while TPU adhesive tapes, with their high flexibility and durability, are ideal for a wide range of applications. Our non-woven adhesive tapes offer additional protection and stability, double-sided adhesive tapes ensure strong connections, nail sealing tapes protect against moisture and weather influences, and window connection tapes ensure secure sealing of windows.

Our adhesive tapes are also used to bond sheets together in sealing applications. Their flexibility and adhesion make them the perfect choice for projects where reliable sealing is essential.

Our products have been developed to not only offer the highest level of protection, but also to be easy to handle and extremely efficient to use. We know that quality and reliability are crucial in the construction industry. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that your customers receive products they can rely on in their projects.

SWISSTAPE adhesive tapes are the optimal choice to ensure the quality and performance of your construction projects. Not only do they offer outstanding protection, they also help increase energy efficiency and extend the life of building envelopes. With us as your partner, you can be sure that your customers not only receive first-class adhesive tapes, but also the security that their projects meet the highest standards.

Our adhesive tapes are not just products, but solutions that fully meet the requirements of the construction industry. Our strength lies in providing you with reliable adhesive tapes that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your customers today and in the future.

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Airtight. Stretchy. Reliable.

Wind and airtight. UV resistant. Versatile.

UV resistant. Suitable for facades. Reliable.

Weatherproof. Weldable. UV resistant.

Suitable for facades. Driving rainproof. Reliable.

Versatile. Strongly adhesive. Diverse.

Practical. Sealing. Efficient.

Versatile. Sealing. Strongly adhesive.

Precise. Airtight. Indoor use.

Weatherproof. Airtight. Outdoor use.

Security. Waterproof. Construction time.